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Bill Maher Calls for Biden to Withdraw from 2024 Presidential Race

Bill Maher has high praise for President Biden — he says he’s done a good job and has brought some normalcy back to The White House — but he needs to pass the torch now, or Trump will get reelected.

The ‘Real Time’ host is back in full force after the writers’ strike settled, and could not have been more fired up about 2024. BM says Donald Trump MUST be defeated or democracy will surely die, but he believes Biden can’t beat him … because voters are scared about his age, as well as physical and mental acuity.

HBO/Real Time with Bill Maher

Maher says, it doesn’t matter at this point whether Biden is sharp enough for a second term — even Dems have deep reservations, and perception is now reality.

Maher says age should not be an automatic disqualifier … it should be case by case. And speaking of … you gotta hear Bill talk about Mitch McConnell … that the freezing episodes looked like Mitch was in a “buffering state.”

HBO/Real Time with Bill Maher

As for Trump … he says even though he’s around the same age as Biden … somehow he seems more vibrant — “Trump is like KISS. He puts on the face paint and the wig and he looks like he did in 1978!”

And speaking of Trump … Bill hilariously has some pointers for the future possible cellmate of the former Prez … you gotta watch.

Short story … Maher says Joe shouldn’t want to become Ruth Bader Biden … he says you gotta know when to say goodbye.

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