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Diddy Associate's Arrest Captured on Body Cam Video, Led Away in Cuffs


WSVN – 7 News

Diddy‘s associate got hauled away from the Miami airport he and the rap mogul got stopped at this week in handcuffs while being arrested … which can now be seen on video.

WSVN 7News obtained body cam footage that shows 25-year-old Brendan Paul being led away by police officers Monday from the Opa Locka Executive Airport and placed into a cruiser, where a cop buckled him into the backseat.

WSVN – 7 News

As you can see, Paul was compliant and silent as they took him to jail … not saying much, and not being asked much either. Before they throw him in the car, they pat him down.

BRENDAN PAUL  mug shot updated

Like we told you … Paul was booked on two drug charges — possession of cocaine and possession of suspected marijuana candy … both of which are felonies in Florida. When he finally got to the jail, he posed for a mug shot — and was eventually released on bond.

p diddy and paul police

Cops claimed they found the drugs in his travel bags while the feds intercepted Diddy’s plane … where he was rolling with BP as well as his own kids, and other folks in his entourage.

diddy jet

Of course, his bust grabbed a lot of headlines — on account that he was the only arrest to have stemmed from Monday’s 2 raids … but also, because Paul had recently been named in a lawsuit from Rodney Jones … who alleged the guy was actually Diddy’s drug “mule.”

Brendan & Diddy_Diddy Lawsuit

Jones claimed in his suit that Paul would often handle Diddy’s drugs and firearms — just one of many salacious allegations he leveled in his complaint … all of which Diddy has denied.

Brendan Paul_sub_syracuse


The other tidbit about Paul that surfaced after his arrest is the fact he’s a former college basketball player — having played at Syracuse from 2018 to 2020, but not contributing much.

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