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Federal Investigators Convene Grand Jury in Diddy Case


Diddy‘s legal troubles are getting even worse as a grand jury has reportedly been empaneled to hear evidence in his federal probe, indicating he could face a possible criminal indictment.

CNN published a story Wednesday morning, saying the Justice Department is moving forward in its investigation of the music mogul by notifying witnesses they could testify before the grand jury in the Southern District of New York, according to two sources familiar with the situation.

Diddy Through The Years

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Diddy Through The Years

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Some of the potential witnesses would likely be Diddy’s accusers who have filed lawsuits against him for sexual assault, human trafficking and other serious offenses. So far, Diddy has been named in 8 lawsuits, including the most notable one brought by his former girlfriend, Cassie, which they settled quickly.


CNN also said the feds have interviewed most of the plaintiffs in the lawsuits, but they and other witnesses have yet to be prepped to go before the grand jury. The network says Homeland Security Investigations agents are taking their time and being very thorough to make sure the case against Diddy is “bulletproof” if/when the indictment drops.

What’s more, CNN says the feds have obtained a video showing a male sex worker who claims he was victimized by Diddy inside a residence. The sex worker has been interviewed by the feds, but it’s unclear if he will be put before the grand jury.

TMZ confirmed a grand jury has been convened in the case and evidence will be presented along with testimony from witnesses.


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In case you’re in the dark, grand juries — comprised of average citizens — often signal that an investigation has moved from the preliminary stage to a new phase in which prosecutors present evidence and witness testimony to the jurors, among other things. The grand jury ultimately votes on whether to criminally charge a defendant.



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As we reported, Diddy’s homes in Miami and L.A. were raided by law enforcement in March as part of a federal investigation into his alleged sex and narcotics trafficking, as well as firearm-related violations.

Earlier this month, CNN released surveillance video depicting Diddy beating the crap out of Cassie in an L.A. hotel in 2016. The L.A. District Attorney’s Office said they could not prosecute the case because the statute of limitations had elapsed.

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