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Drake Trolled on GoFundMe Over Kendrick Beef, Company Wipes Fundraisers

kendrick lamar and drake gofundme


Drake sent the latest shot in his Kendrick Lamar beef, but fans — actually trolls — might have the last say by flocking to GoFundMe to mock him, and potentially profit off his rap demise … which the company’s shutting down.

Here’s the deal … as the dust possibly settles on the rap front — most pundits say Kendrick’s won — people online are still having a field day over all the back and forth between these two hip-hop titans, and some are even running to GFM to raise a buck … or that was the plan.

drake kendrick lamar gofundme


Indeed, a ton of people created fake GoFundMe campaigns over the past 24 hours or so … and a lot of them are at Drake’s expense, soliciting funds to celebrate his metaphorical burial … if you buy he’s lost the 2024 rap war.

drake kendrick lamar gofundme


Some of the titles for these bogus fundraisers are pretty hilarious, we’ll admit. There’s “Support Kendrick Lamar’s Studio Time for the Ultimate Diss T;” “Join the Love Fund for Drake’s Send-Off;” “RIP Drake(champagnepapi): Fans Unite in Grief” … and others.

drake kendrick lamar gofundme


As ridiculous as these GFM pages sound, the jokesters were trying to raise very real money — with fundraising goals as low as $10,000, and as high as $616,000 … a play off Kendrick’s “6:16 in L.A.” diss track.

Luckily for everyone, these fools didn’t raise a nickel before GoFundMe could step in to police the hijinx.

A rep for the company tells TMZ … “We can confirm we are monitoring the platform for related fundraiser starts and will remove any that have not been authorized by the recipient of the funds. $0 has been raised. We have zero tolerance for the misuse of our platform.”

In other words … GFM squashed the campaigns before anyone could be suckered into donating — that’s a relief because we can totally see some overly passionate fans chipping in.

As you know … the last person to take a swing was Drake, with his song “The Heart Part 6” doubling down on allegations Kendrick has gotten physical with his longtime fiancée. Kendrick, for his part, has repeatedly alleged Drake’s grooming underage girls, which he’s denied.

K.Dot hasn’t responded just yet, but the goons are out and hoping to collect off of his name anyway. Be careful out there, y’all … this money doesn’t grow on trees, and if you donate to this fake crap — ya might as well consider it money in the grave!!!

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