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Matty Healy Breaks Silence on Taylor Swift's New Album, Hasn't Heard It


Matty Healy‘s finally responding to Taylor Swift‘s diss track aimed at him — but, fans aren’t gonna get the drama they might’ve hoped for from him … just the opposite, in fact.

The 1975 singer stepped out in Los Angeles Wednesday … and, a photog asked him how he’d rank his diss track compared to the other 30 on Taylor’s 11th studio album “The Tortured Poets Department.”

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Remember … Taylor’s new song “But Daddy I Love Him” seemingly mentions Healy and the criticism surrounding their whirlwind fling following her breakup with longtime partner Joe Alwyn last year. More of a diss track to her fans, really … but Matty’s central to all of it.

There were actually a few songs about Matty, including the titular ‘Tortured Poets Department.’

On that one, Swift sings, “You smoked then ate seven bars of chocolate, we declared Charlie Puth should be a bigger artist// I scratch your head, you fall asleep like a tattooed golden retriever.” Not the most savage burn … but still, people thought MH might have a response.

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Like we said, Healy played dumb and said he didn’t know what the photog was talking about (of course, that’s BS … he 100% does). Funny enough, MH says he hasn’t actually listened to most of Tay’s album — but says he’s sure it’s all solid. Touché, sir.

Kind words from Healy … who split with Taylor Swift after about a month of dating last year — and the whole breakup seemed amicable, so not surprising he ain’t trash-talking T-Swizzle.

Fact is … there might not be anything for him to react to — ’cause Taylor didn’t trash him on the album … so perhaps that’s why he’s not really stressing it.

The same can’t be said about Joe though — not to mention all the other exes she’s torched in her music. All things considered, Matty walked away from it all relatively unscathed … this despite the fact that Swifties felt he was a bad guy and not worthy of being with her.

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Anyhoo, Matty’s not feeding into the rumor mill here — instead, he’s letting sleeping disses lie.

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