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McDonald's Customer Pulls Out Gross Surprise From McFlurry

Mcplastic Mcflurry


A McDonald’s customer is McHatin’ after her latest trip to the fast food joint ended with her finding a gag-worthy surprise in her McFlurry!

You’ll be repulsed watching the clip yourself … the woman discovers what appears to be a trash bag or glove left behind in her Oreo-flavored frozen treat — horror plays out on her face as she continues pulling out the seemingly never-ending item.


Laughter seems to be the best medicine in the situation … she chuckles awkwardly with her friend in the viral TikTok clip.

“We had no idea what she just found at the bottom of her mc flurry im losing my mind,” the user @kekebobeke adds in the text overlay.


She claims the item was folded down and left behind on purpose, and she tagged McDonald’s on the post, hoping to get some answers.

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The fast food chain has yet to publicly respond, but current/former employees attempt to explain what the item is in the comments — one says it’s an ice cream liquid bag — another says it’s the sleeves the cups come in.


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Needless to say, the customer’s hoping for an apology — at the very least — from the fast food joint. We’re guessing she wouldn’t turn down free McFlurry’s for life either! Just sayin’ …

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