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Menendez Brothers Unlikely to Get New Trial After Menudo Member's Rape Claim

Menendez brothers


The Menendez brothers getting a new trial because an ex-member of Menudo is accusing their father of rape is no slam dunk … it’s more of a Hail Mary, according to a criminal defense lawyer.

Attorney Alan Jackson joined us Wednesday on “TMZ Live” and we asked him what Lyle and Erik Menendez should be expecting from Menudo member Roy Rosselló‘s explosive revelation about their father, Jose Menendez.



Alan believes the chances are remote the Menendez brothers get a new trial based on Roy’s accusation.

Still, Alan says Lyle and Erik’s defense team will try to get the accusation before a judge and present it as new evidence in hope of overturning their convictions — because even if it’s a long shot, it’s something.




The way Alan sees it … Roy’s claim is unlikely to change anything for Lyle and Erik, who were convicted in 1996 of murdering their parents, despite arguing their father sexually molested them for years and they only killed him out of fear.

Alan says Roy’s accusation — that music executive Jose drugged and sexually assaulted him in the Menendez family’s New Jersey home — isn’t directly connected to the evidence pointing to the brothers murdering their parents with shotguns.



The Menendez brothers are serving life sentences … and Alan cautions against them getting their hopes up now that Roy’s come forward to back the allegation — made during their trial — that their father had molested them.

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