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Mississippi Family Held Up By Carjackers Outside Their Home, Video


A Mississippi family was terrorized by a pair of carjackers – one of whom opened fire at them as they cowered in fear – and it was all caught on video!

The dramatic incident occurred outside the West Jackson home of Heather Allen last Friday night, when two assailants approached her and her relatives in the driveway.


Ring camera video captured the scary moment when one suspect raised a gun and fired a shot into the air as Allen and her son were saying goodbyes to other family members seated inside a parked car.

Check out the footage obtained by WAPT News … After the gunfire, Allen and her youngest son quickly ducked behind the side of the vehicle while the gunman and his accomplice calmly walked toward them.

Allen told WAPT she threw up her hands and screamed, “Hey, hey, hey,” before one of the robbers “pulled me down.”


Meanwhile, inside the automobile were Allen’s oldest son, daughter and two grandchildren. The thieves removed some of them from the car – pointing the gun at Allen’s oldest son while yelling at him, “Give me the keys.”

But, Allen was more concerned with her grandchildren as her daughter screamed, “My babies are inside” — and ended up rescuing them from the backseat.


Allen then pulled out the keys to her own vehicle, which was parked nearby on the lawn. She tossed the keys to the suspects, who sped away in her car.


The Jackson Police Department has launched an investigation, finding Allen’s abandoned car about two blocks away.

The carjackers are still at large. Let’s hope the cops catch ’em soon.

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